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It can save up to 40% on your electricity bill by automatically turning off lights when and intelligently reducing consumption when not needed.

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Lighting control systems that respond to human movement increase safety in public places and communal areas by boosting surveillance.

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By making occupants more productive, automatic lighting control in building premises offers pleasant and comfortable working circumstances.


Why prefer a smart home?

Every day, technology advances, and having a smart home is becoming a need. Smart homes were once thought to be associated with a high-end lifestyle, but they have now evolved into an integral part of our daily lives. We'll give you some of the most important reasons why you should make your house smart.

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Peace of mind

    Brands we deal with

    Top brands trust us for the best in quality, style, and innovation.

    How we work

    How We Work

    We follow a systematic approach to design an effective solution for every unique requirements

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    We offer personalized recommendations based on customer needs and preferences.

    System Design

    We carefully choose the best, maintenance-free products to create a highly efficient and long-lasting system

    Preparing drawings

    Drawings with necessary information for building automation implementation are produced.


    We provide on-site assistance, supervision, and installation for successful project execution.


    We provide training and relevant documents for successful system use and future reference.

    Services We Provide


    Home and Building Automation Solutions

    We design customized home and building automation solutions as per the unique requirements of each project.

    Immersive Home Theater Experience

    We are expert in creating life-like experience of a true immersive cinema in your home


    Professional AV Solutions

    Whether requirement is a single room background music or setting up multiplex theater, we have products and expetize to provide the end-to-end solution.

    Consultation services

    We provide consultation to design systems to fullfil challanging requirments of today's modern buildings.


    Why WELiT

    WELiT Solutions is your technology partner for all your Building Automation and AV requirements. With years of experience in this field, we are expert in providing the best products and solutions for Home Automation, Home Theaters, Commercial Theaters and any Audio/Video requirements.

    Security Package:

    • Experience excellent after sales service
    • Expert team of Automation & AV Solution design
    • Expert in designing cusmized solutions
    • Proven systematic design approach
    • Team of in-house Design engineers
    • State-of-the-art Experience Center
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    What we have done

    Some of the fact figures of our work done so far…



    Years Of Experience



    Commercial & Preview Theatre Installation



    Premium Home Theatre Installation



    Building Automation Installation

    "Welit has exceeded my expectations for home automation. Their expert team and top-choice brands have made my home more comfortable, secure, and connected than ever before."

    Meera Shah

    Marketing Manager

    "I highly recommend Welit for home automation. Their top-rated brands and seamless integration have transformed my home into a smart, efficient, and convenient living space."

    Pankaj Rathod

    Business Man